Wooden Playhouse

An outdoor wooden playhouse with 2 stories and a balcony

Building a wooden playhouse for my children has been a dream of mine since before I had any children 😊. For a long time I couldn't do it, because I didn't have the equipment nor the time, but then Covid came along, and I started working from home, and finally I had the opportunity to do it.

It took me about a month to complete, and the kids loved the whole process. When it was finished, it was featured on Ynet and on a Paula & Leon (channel 12)


I designed the house using SketchUp (web). The original design didn't have the balcony and the steps, which I decided to add later.

Here's the 3D model (available through SketchUp's 3D Warehouse):

Preparing the kids for a hard day's work

Safety first!

Building the base

The base is built with 10x5 (metric) beams. If you look closely at the pictures below, you'll notice that I accidentally used the sidings for the floor (I didn't know what goes where at the time...). So I had to remove and redo everything using 3x15 when I realized that. That was a time consuming mistake, but fortunately I was able to reuse all the material without wasting too much.

Building the frame and walls

The frame was made from 5x5 and 10x5 beams. For the walls I used tongue & groove sidings, and at this point I made another mistake - I attached them with the tongue facing down instead of up (which could cause water to build up along the joints). Again, I had to redo an entire wall...

Building the roof

I chose a steep angle for the roof, because the steeper the angle - the longer the roof lasts. On top of the refters I attached wall sidings (with the nice side pointing in), and then placed shingles on top of the sidings to make it water proof.

I struggled a bit with cutting the sidings for the dormer window, but the singles covered everything.

Building the windows

I made the windows from 2x5 beams and 4mm acrylic sheet. I sealed everything with acrylic caulk to make it water proof.

Building the steps and second floor

Building the balcony

The balcony was a late addition. I used two 7x7 beams to hold it, and dipped the bottom of the beams in tar to protect it from the wet ground during the winter.

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