Rabbit Hutch

A 2-story outdoor rabbit hutch with a hiding spot for our rabbits

This is a 2-story rabbit hutch that I made for our 2 rabbits. It has 4 doors (2 in each level), a hideout, and a storage space on the 3rd level for the food and bedding of the rabbits.

The bottom floor is where we put the bedding and the water. The 2nd floor is where we put the food and the hideout.

The hutch is made of plywood plates and pine beams.

Designing and building the hutch

I started by designing the hutch in SketchUp (web). This helps me find and fix any design issues before cutting the materials. It also helps me understand the amount of material that I need to order to build the project.

Then I cut and assemble the parts. The assembly in this case was done using galvanized screws (so that they won't get rusted outside). The kids helped making the hideout. They found some wood branches that I cut in half on the band saw. then they glued them using hot glue.

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