Lego Cabinet

A Lego cabinet that I built for my son, with 6 drawers, internal dividers, 3d printed handles and side panels, and wheels

This cabinet is something I promised my son a long time ago. All our Lego pieces were tossed into a single box, creating a nightmare when searching for specific pieces. I wanted to build a convenient organizer to somewhat alleviate the pain of endlessly looking for items.

With the exception of the wheels, I constructed everything from scratch, from the initial design to the manufacturing phase. The entire project took approximately two weeks to complete (mainly during the evenings, since I have a day job).

Design, cutting & assembly

I started by designing the cabinet in SketchUp (web). I wanted the top of the cabinet to have space for 4 Lego plates, so that was my initial constraint. I also wanted it to not be too tall, so that my 4-year-old son could comfortably build Lego on it.

I then took the design, and created a cut list in optiCutter. I used 4 types of sheets - 17mm green MDF, 4mm plywood, 12mm plywood, and 17mm plywood. The drawer slides were made from ipe wood. I cut everything on my table & mitre saws.

I assembled everything using wood glue mostly, with dado and rabbet joints.

Assembling the drawers

The 3D printed parts

I designed the drawer handles and Lego side plates in Fusion 360 and 3D printed them in my CR10S-Pro printer (I don't have a multicolor printer, so I had to print it in pieces and glue it together). Everything was designed to work with the Lego system, so you can attach real Lego bricks to it.

Spray painting the cabinet

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