Book Shelves

A set of narrow book shelves I made for a spot in our hallway

I made these shelves in an attempt to organize the dozens of books scattered around our house. With approximately 10cm of space between the door frame and the adjacent wall, I couldn't bear to let that valuable space go unused. Consequently, I designed these narrow shelves, each measuring 10cm in depth, capable of accommodating 3-4 rows of books.

Cutting and assembly

To build the shelves, I cut 10cm strips from a sheet of green MDF and then bonded them together to form a sturdy shelf (each shelf is made of 2 layers of MDF). The rails were made from birch plywood.


For the finishing touch, I applied a coat of light green chalk paint to the shelves using my paint sprayer. The bulk of the effort involved meticulously placing masking tape and newspapers.

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